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10 Best Small Business Ideas for Everyone in 2022

Here are some business ideas for all circles that you can choose as your main source of income or additional income.

There are many business ideas that you can choose as your main source of income or additional income. Where the business idea can adapt to your current situation as a business actor. For example, if you are a housewife, a student, or others, you can more easily adjust the circumstances and your busy life with the business you are going to do.

That's why it is important to do research in advance about the business field that will be chosen. Thus, your main activity will not be disturbed if you start a business as a side income. In addition, entrepreneurs will focus more on their business if the business brings good income because they choose the appropriate field. For this reason, do not try to do it carelessly or without careful preparation.

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Choice of Custom Business Ideas

When running a business, of course, you want the products or services offered to sell every day. Because by having a business that sells every day automatically your cash flow will be smooth. That way, it will be easier for business actors to finance all kinds of operational needs for the business or other needs. Here are some business ideas that you can try to bring in additional income.

Opening a Food Stall

The first choice of business ideas is a food stall. Where groceries become a business that will sell every day and are always sought after by all levels of customers. No need to hesitate anymore if you want to start a basic food business because it will definitely bring in many customers at any time. This is because everyone needs basic necessities every day to meet the needs or needs in each household.

In addition, the basic food stall is also suitable as a home business idea that you can engage in. Because food stalls are needed by anyone, including even the households around you. Therefore, immediately open a food stall at home targeting local residents or neighbors. Especially if your house is close to the highway, the target buyer can be wider, namely people who pass by using vehicles.


For those of you who want to start a business but are constrained by capital, you can start a dropshipper system first. The dropship system allows you to sell with minimal capital or no capital at all. Because a dropshipper can use other people's belongings to start a business. Where the system that will be used is to take the difference in profits from goods that have been sold.

Dropshipping can also be an interesting online business idea to work on. Because you only need to open your own online store and then market other people's products at an exaggerated price. If someone buys the product, the dropshipper only needs to contact the actual merchandise owner to ship the item. After successful payment then you get profit too.

The dropship business option is suitable for all circles as long as you can get the right market and supplier. Therefore, before starting, it's a good idea to do market and supplier research for the best business results.

Wash Motorcycle or Car

For those of you who want to cultivate a small capital business idea, then washing a vehicle, either a motorcycle or a car, is the most appropriate choice. The reason is that the equipment requirements that entrepreneurs must have are also relatively simple. The equipment needed is only a compressor, water pump, motor soap, rags and equipment for polishing vehicle tires. All these tools are easy to find anywhere.

All of these items can be obtained with a minimum name of Rp. 2 million to open a simple motorcycle and car washing service. However, if you want to open a larger vehicle washing service, you have to spend a capital of Rp. 10 million. Expenditures are usually made for renting a place, which is Rp. 2 million, then equipment is Rp. 5 million and operational costs including employee salaries are Rp. 3 million.

In starting a vehicle washing business idea, you must find a strategic place. It is possible to open a vehicle wash near a busy motorbike or car repair shop. Because the vehicle that has been repaired will leave a feeling of discomfort because it is dirty with oil or oil. Therefore you can take advantage of this with a cleaning service that is close to the workshop.

Selling Various Kinds of Cakes

Next there is a simple food business idea, on a home scale and requires small capital, namely selling various types of cakes. The types of cakes that are sold can be in the form of wet cakes, for example steamed brownies, omelette rolls, bika Ambon, banana cake, lapis legit, chocolate cake, onde-onde, klepon, cucur cakes, apem and many more which are still the favorites of the Indonesian people. .

In addition, you can also sell pastries that are no less of a variety of types. For example, there are walnut cream cheese, lemon cookies, mint chocolate sandwich, chocolate peanut butter cookies, snow white, pineapple nastar, and many more. You also don't need to spend big capital to sell these cakes. The capital required is at least Rp. 10 million for the first month with a place of business in the form of a kitchen in your own home.

In this business idea, you can start by offering homemade cakes to your neighbors. Usually many people need a cake as a delivery when there is an event elsewhere. Marketing through neighbors is the right way because it is free. This is because if the results are good, your neighbor who is your first customer will tell other people about the cake so that many people know about the cake.

Deposit Services

For those of you who like to shop, you can make it a creative business idea and have a great chance of getting a lot of profit. One of the opportunities is to become a personal shopper and open a courier service business. A personal shopper is a person who offers his services to buy certain goods to other people. This term is now better known as a service deposit.

Usually, people who take advantage of surrogate services are those with the need to buy goods but are constrained by the location being quite far away. For this reason, for those of you who often go to the mall or other shopping places, starting a courier service business can be the right business and the right thing to do. Especially if you are in a certain area that is far from shopping. There will be many people who need this one service to fulfill their needs.

To start a courier service business idea, you can set up a prepayment system and withdraw money from customers. This can be additional capital for you to spend real goods at the mall or other places. In addition, the advance payment system can eliminate your worries from the possibility of customers running away without paying. It's a good idea to set a half-pay system in advance to minimize crimes that can occur.

Selling Photos on the Internet

Millennials can also open their own businesses by utilizing various online business ideas for young people. Where there are already many people who are in this business to increase their income or become their main income. One way is to sell photos via the internet. The digital technology that is currently developing is very supportive of those small business capitalists. If you have a hobby in the field of photography then you can make money.

The trick is to sell self-taken photos. There are several digital photo buying and selling sites that serve these transactions such as shutterstock.com, istockphoto.com, pixabay.com and many more. Each photo buying and selling website sets its own commission for photographers who sell their shots. That way you can get an easier and more enjoyable income from the photography hobby earlier.

You don't have to worry if you haven't become a professional photographer with long experience. Because amateur photographers can also start a business idea selling these photos. Photo shoot sites don't care how long you've been in photography. As long as the shots are good and meet the market's tastes, then your photos can be sought after by all those who use the site.

Become an Online Tutor

In addition, there are many business ideas during the pandemic that you can work on if you are affected by the outbreak. One idea is to become an online tutor. During the pandemic, there are many school children and young people who then spend their time at home. This is what makes many people look for new activities. Where these activities are for matters related to their studies.

In addition, it is not uncommon for people to use the opportunity while at home to hone their skills in certain fields. Actually these conditions can be the right business opportunity for you. Anyone can start their own small capital business by providing online tutoring services. The tutor will teach a variety of interesting material. For this reason, choose the right material and master it very well.

Thus you can teach the material comfortably and relatively more precisely. For this one business idea, it only requires small capital and is certainly cheap. Because you only need to have a laptop and an internet network. The location can be from anywhere as long as it is quiet, not noisy and will not disturb the concentration of people who listen to your material. If you already have a laptop and wifi then there is no need to spend capital.

Healthy Snack Business

The food and beverage business remains a prima donna among the community because both are the main basic needs. Even the food and beverage business is also included in the business opportunity with small capital. However, since the pandemic hit, the types of healthy food and drinks that most people are looking for. This is so that the body stays awake so that it becomes immune to virus attacks.

You can outsmart it by choosing a healthy snack business idea and it must be delicious. There are many healthy menu choices that relate to fruit and then serve as a delicious and fun snack. Then you can market it online either with partner marketplaces such as GoFood, GrabFood, Shopee Food or install it on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and other media.

For starters, please look for unique recipes for unusual snacks on the internet. Because the unusual food menu has a great chance of attracting interest from buyers. Then try to make and taste the menu yourself to the closest person or friend. If it feels right, you can try to start trading the snack menu to the crowd with the help of online marketing.

Customer Service Online

Becoming an online customer service is the answer for those of you who are looking for unique student business ideas with considerable profit opportunities. If you are confused about what business to start, then you can make online customer service the right choice. Even someone with minimal or no experience can easily run this business. This is because the working system of online customer service is so easy to learn and do by anyone.

In addition, a business like this does not require the perpetrator to leave the house or boarding house. You can run this business from home. Even the process can be done while lying relaxed. However, the thing to note is that you already need adequate supporting equipment. The equipment such as computers, mobile phones that are connected to the internet network.

Meanwhile, in running this one business idea, you can get quite a high income. The amount of income also depends on how well you serve customers or provide the right information. Moreover, if consumers are satisfied with your service as an online customer service, it is impossible for them to make repurchases which will automatically add to the coffers of rupiah into their personal pockets.

Selling Breakfast Menu

For those of you who are mothers and want to start a business, there is nothing wrong with running your own business. Because there are many housewife business ideas that are cultivated by mothers and are proven to bring in quite a fantastic income. One of the recommendations for his business idea is to sell breakfast menus at home. When the morning comes it becomes the busiest time for everyone including the people around you.

Many of them have to prepare to start activities ranging from work, school and much more. That's why there are some people who rarely cook in the morning and choose to buy a cooked breakfast. The breakfast itself is very important because it makes you have the energy to do activities until noon. Seeing these conditions, housewives can take advantage of it by selling breakfast menus at home.

This business idea that will sell every day does not require large capital. Even the range of capital ranging from $150 to $200. In addition, the market potential is the same for everyone, including neighbors around the house. You can choose a menu that is often eaten by Indonesians at breakfast such as cakes, chicken porridge, rice uduk, yellow rice, lontong vegetables and many more.


Those are some of the best business ideas that you can run to earn extra money or income. Thus even a novice entrepreneur can easily become a businessman and earn more money.

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