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5 Step SEO for Website

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which is the effort made on a website to increase the visibility of the website in search engines in the long term.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which is the effort made on a website to increase the visibility of the website in search engines in the long term.

Difference between SEO and SEM

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

  • Located at the top
  • There is a label 'ads' or 'ads'
  • Paid

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

  • Located after SEM
  • No 'ads' or 'ads' labels
  • Free

5 Step SEO for Website(image by Freepik.com)

SEO Optimization Steps

After you know what SEO is, here are the SEO optimization steps that you can do.

Set Target

Before you do SEO optimization, you have to determine the target first, don't let your SEO optimization go to waste because of the wrong target.

Keyword Research

We recommend that you do keyword research to determine the most relevant keywords according to search engine queries, you can use the following methods:

  • Make a list of possible keywords according to each type, create broad and specific keywords
  • Change your google account to incognito and start researching each keyword.
  • Enter search results and choose as many relevant and appropriate keywords as possible.
  • If the search results are good, you can use more specific keywords.

Competitive Research

Do competitor research so you can find out the positions and strategies used by your competitors.

On-Page Optimization

To optimize from within the website, you need to perform several techniques by adding meta at several points on the website page including content by providing keywords that are relevant to search engine queries.


The URL is the entrance to a very important website page, therefore giving the URL must match the keywords you want to focus on, you can use the following tips:

  • Use permalinks and change http to https.
  • Use focus keywords.
  • Use 3-4 words.
  • Use ( - ) to replace spaces.


The title of the post must use keywords according to search engine requests so that Google can read it, the method is as follows:

  • Using unique keywords, each page cannot have the same or similar words because Google and users will find it difficult to read them.
  • Using focused keywords, put the word first.
  • Contains clickbait, if you want to sell goods use the word "promo, cheap or best seller"
  • Using titles that contain numbers can increase the number of visitors.
  • Use 50-60 characters.


Providing descriptions on web pages also affects and makes it easier for search engines to find web pages and can increase the attractiveness of visitors, you can use the following tips:

  • Using focus keywords, if you want to market goods, you can use the word "Sell".
  • Use 150-160 words.

Off Page Optimization

You are also required to optimize from outside the website by getting recommendations/references from other websites, this is often called a BACKLINK.

Planting backlinks is very important and is very likely to increase the visibility of website pages, so that your website will look more professional and trusted.


Seeing the performance of SEO optimization that is done can take time, depending on the accuracy in the optimization. 

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